Tungsten Alloy Bar

Tungsten alloy bar is made from tungsten heavy alloy with the shape of round and square. Tungsten heavy alloy boring bar is one important type of tungsten alloy bar.

tungsten alloy barIn machining, boring process of tungsten alloy bar is enlarging a hole that has already been drilled or cast by means of a single-point cutting tool to achieve greater accuracy of the diameter of a hole such as in boring a cannon barrel. And tungsten alloy bar also can be used to cut a tapered hole.

There are various types of tungsten alloy bar. The tungsten alloy bar may be supported on both ends which only work if the existing hole is a through hole or tungsten alloy bar may be supported at one end. Line boring implies the former. Back boring is the process of reaching through an existing hole and then boring on the "back" side of the work piece.

tungsten alloy bar-1Tungsten heavy alloy is often used in making tungsten alloy bar because tungsten alloy bar has a higher density ranging from 16.5 to 18.5, about 50 percent higher than lead and much higher than steel. Tungsten alloy bar is easily machined, so that designers of tungsten heavy alloy boring bar for instance can decide their favorable shape without worried about the property. Then tungsten alloy bar is less prone to chipping and breakage with good extensibility. In addition, tungsten alloy bar has high melting point, so in the high temperature, other metal starts melting while tungsten heavy alloy keeps its property.

Typical Applications of tungsten alloy bar include weights and counterbalances for aircraft control surfaces and rotor blades, guidance platforms, counterbalances for fly wheels, turbines and engine crankshafts, vibration damping governors, filaments and fuse masses, ingredient kinds of heat-resistant steel and electrode, mainly used to guns, artillery, rockets, satellite, airplane and ship. Other applications include radiation shielding, gyro rotors, weapons including armor piercing applications, and high temperature tooling.

tungsten alloy barsAnother popular tungsten alloy bar application is golden bar, gold plated tungsten bar, and tungsten bucking bar. Chinatungsten Online is skilled in golden tungsten alloy bar, gold plated tungsten alloy bar, tungsten bucking bar manufacturing. We have a series of already molds, and can also manufacture as per special requirements.

Chinatungsten can not only offer the tungsten alloy bar with the blank form, but can also machined for customer. As tungsten alloy bar is high density with small capacity, high temperature resistance, reduction in press down-time, minimal extruded metal pick-up, high impact resistance and crack resistance, wonderful shock resistance, good corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, tungsten alloy bar are increasingly welcome by public.

Please choose freely from the wide range of already available tungsten alloy bar or contact us with your specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: sales@chinatungsten.com, sales@xiamentungsten.com or call directly: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595. We are at your service. Price will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.

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