Tungsten Alloy Screw For Golf

A golf club head comprise one or more balance weights for swing smoothness. The balance weight is selected from a number of balance weights and placed in a weight cavity formed in the golf club head. Tungsten alloy is now widely recognized as the material for this significant role. Correctly applied tungsten alloy weight perfectly balances the club providing better overall control.

Tungsten Alloy Screw For Golf

Because of their unique properties, tungsten alloy screw is well suited for use as weights in variety of sport equipment. Tungsten heavy alloys have a density twice that of steel and weigh seven times more than aluminum.Tungsten alloy inserts allow manufacturers to locate gravity center of the ball in the perfect spot. This process has lead to improved launch, spin and forgiveness. Recent innovations have also increased the usage of tungsten in the sport. Some claim that because tungsten is dense and the center of gravity more centrally located, a tungsten alloy screw will create more spin in golf balls.

Numerous techniques have been used for weighting golf club heads in order to gain better performance. In persimmon wood club heads, weights were attached to the sole in order to lower the center of gravity. The first metal woods had sufficient weight, however, the weight distribution deterred slightly from performance.

The refinement of hollow metal woods with weighting on the sole improved upon the performance of these clubs. We use a tungsten golf screw in the sole of each titanium club head body to vary the weight of the golf club head.

Tungsten Alloy Screw For Golf From Chinatungsten

Chinatungsten Online offers tungsten alloy counterweights for a variety of applications, including but not limited to various kinds of parts and tungsten alloy screw for golf clubs and weights for both clubs and balls. Our sales team is dedicated to serving you through excellent customer service and product quality.We are strategically located efficient and innovative private company. Our mission is to meet your requirements. Flexibility is our strength. We pride ourselves in being able to find the right solution for every customer.

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