Guide Nozzles of Satellites

Electroslag welding in general is a process whereby heat is generated by passing an electroslag current between an electrode and a ground base to create a weld pool of the molten electrode. The passing of the current through the electrode melts the electrode to provide a weld pool suitable for fusing metal articles together. Recent developments in this area of welding techniques include the evolvement of consumable guide nozzles for use in the electroslag welding technique.

Guide Nozzles

A consumable guide nozzle generally is a hollow tube through which the consumable electrode usually in the form of wire passes into the weld pool of the particular welding process being conducted. One purpose of the consumable guide nozzles is to direct the electrode wire into the welding pool of the process being conducted. The consumable guide nozzles also serves as a means for adding other metal components to the weld pool to thereby provide a final weld having a desired metallic alloy.

Many variations of consumable guide nozzles as well as consumable electrodes have been disclosed in the prior art. We provide a consumable guide nozzles of a metal alloy having ceramic rings around the surface thereof to inhibit arcing to the metal workpieces which are being welded.

Guide Nozzles

There are circumstances where it is desired to add to the metal of the consumable electrode a given quantity of other metals in order to provide a weld alloy having a given composition and thereby specific physical properties. Unfortunately, the electrodes and consumable guide nozzles provided by the hereinabove noted prior art are substantially made up of solid metal tube or shell which encapsulates the metallic particles desired for the composition of the weld. Thus by following the procedures of the prior art, the amount of additives as alloys in the weld is substantially restricted to the quantity which can be placed within the metal sheaths provided.

The present product is a method for preparing novel consumable guide nozzles which are comprised of fine particles of metal bound together around a guide tube. By use of the consumable guide nozzles of the present product, a hardfacing alloy metal containing the desired components in the weld composition can be prepared. Specifically, the present product provides a method for preparing novel guide nozzles for electroslag welding in a variety of shapes and forms and containing any metallic composition which is desired.

Tungsten alloy is a suitable material for guide nozzles of satellites. So if you got any enquiry or question about guide nozzles, please do not hesitate to contact us at, nozzles price will be offered based on size, density, quantity, hardness, and any other specific requirements.