Tungsten Alloy X-ray Tube Shielding

tungsten alloy shielding for X-ray tubeStatic and rotating anodes in X-ray tubes (W and W-Re). For high performance tubes W-Re is preferred. These anodes are used in modern medical technology (e.g., computed tomography scanning equipment). Only the surface layer consists of W/3-10Re while the support body can be a Mo-Ti-Zr-C micro alloy, called TZM, or graphite. The W-Re layer can be produced either by powder metallurgical techniques or by CVD. Compared to pure tungsten, which was employed previously, the W-Re alloy allows higher electron currents yielding in shorter irradiation times. The important property is the increased stability to extreme alternating thermal stresses. Roughening of the heating zone is greatly delayed in comparison to W, hence increasing the lifetime of the tube.

Tungsten Alloy X-ray Tube Shielding

Components for X-ray and radiation shielding (W, HM, HM-polymer). Typical examples are containers or flasks for radioactive materials and liquids, shielded syringes, shielding construction parts such as collimators in computed tomography scanners, radiation therapy instruments, and containers and shielding for oil prospecting using radioactive sources.

Infrared reflector lamps (NS-W) used in medicine and health promotion (for example, treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns).

The X-ray tube must be enclosed in a shielded housing. Tungsten alloy X-ray tube shielding of the housing must be such that, at every rating specified by the manufacturer, the leakage radiation does not exceed 17.5 µGy (2 mR) per hour at 5 cmfrom any point on the external surface of the housing.The X-ray tube must be securely fixed and correctly aligned within the tube housing. The X-ray tube housing must maintain its required position without drift or vibration during operation and must be balanced to provide smooth operation.

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