Tungsten Alloy Ski Balance Weights

The tungsten alloy ski balance weights help to reach optimum performance while skiing. To achieve this you will need your ski, boot and binding to be in perfect equilibrium. For better balancing of the ski itself and a reduction in the vibrations of its various parts, one or more tungsten alloy weights of variable size can be used. Because of their small volume addition of tungsten alloy weights may improve overall performance of a ski.

People has realized that the addition of these weights such as tungsten alloy ski balance weights may to a certain extent improve the performance of a ski but, not having thoroughly analyzed the physical problem to be solved, leaves it to the user to determine in each case the size of the weights and their location on the basis of his/her personal sensations.

Basically, hitherto, it had been realized only that the addition of weights to a ski improves its stability and handling, but no precise criterion had been defined as to where these weights may be precisely and effectively located and the magnitude of said weights.

This point coincides substantially with the point of attachment of the ski-boot on the ski and is located inside the zone of the bindings, in an approximately central position.

tungsten alloy ski balance weights-01tungsten alloy ski balance weights-02

People have therefore determined that, in order to reduce the vibrations of the two parts of a ski situated "upstream" and "downstream" of the abovementioned point of attachment, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum the magnitude of the masses of these parts which, as a result of the associated moment of inertia, may amplify the vibrations thereof generated during the abovementioned rotational movements and acting both individually and in combination with each other.

People have therefore deduced that the best result can be obtained by applying one or more tungsten alloy ski balance weights (preferably only one, as will be seen below) having a weight and location such as to ensure that the centre of gravity of the ski/ski-boot/bindings assembly coincides with the already mentioned point of attachment.

Thus, because of its small volume, heavy weight, tungsten alloy become a popular material for the balance weight.

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