Tungsten Wire Phonograph Stylus

Tungsten wire is a type of phonograph stylus. Tungsten wire phonograph stylus are constructed from tungsten wire, which is held in a metal shank. Tungsten wire phonograph stylus are smooth, free of twists, bends, kinks, curls, and as free of dents, swaging marks, scratches, die marks, laps, seams, splits, slivers, inclusions, bumps, pits, grooves, cracks, and other physical defects unless black finish is specified, all types of tungsten wire have a clean finish, free of graphite, grease, oil, and lubricants. Tungsten wire for hooks, supports, springs, anchors, and mesh have a bright smooth surface free of cracks holes, or craters. The requirements for straightness, and coiling and spooling are detailed as well. We can provide all kinds of tungsten wire phonograph stylus according to your requirements.

tungsten wire phonograph stylus

Tungsten Wire Phonograph Stylus Advantage

Unlike a steel stylus, tungsten wire phonograph stylus have a cylindrical rather than a conical shape, meaning that the cross-section of the tungsten wire phonograph stylus remains the same as the stylus wears down, which in turn means that tungsten wire phonograph styluses may be used for several plays. Tungsten wire phonograph stylus offered by us is qualified.

A new steel needle is required for every record played on an old acoustic phonograph. This is because the record contains abrasive material. In the first few silent tracks this abrasion hones the steel needle to a profile that tracks the grooves properly. The needle continues to wear as it plays the record, so that by the end its diameter has increased to the point where the sharp edges may damage the grooves on subsequent plays.Tungsten wire phonograph stylus have high hardness to decrease the wear.

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